Mopar Challenge Series Rules

1. All track rules and/or NHRA rules apply at all races. If the track does not make a final decision, the majority vote of the Race Committee will stand. NO EXCEPTIONS! All decisions of the Race Committee and/or track personnel are final. Please present all issues to your Race Committee. The 2015 Race Committee members are:

Paul Van Ostrand (Committee Lead), Glen Myers, Brian Eyers, Christine Eckstein, Robert Covell, and Ken Keifer:

2. All vehicles must be Mopar powered.

3. An entry fee of $25.00 per race must be paid 1/2 hour before the start of 1st round eliminations. We cannot stress this enough! All funds received will go to race purse, to be held by the club Secretary. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place payouts will be awarded at the conclusion of the race (100% payout).

4. A drivers meeting will be held no later than 15 minutes before the start of round 1 in the front of the assigned pre-stage lanes. Bring your cars with you.

5. Points will be gathered by the race coordinator at the 5 designated races. Any ties will be run off at the 5th race. Final point winners for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place series champions will be awarded trophies at Mopar Club Annual End-of-the-Year Banquet and Food Drive.

Points will be accumulated as follows: 10 points per round won. 10 points will also be given to each participant who completes a pass (win or lose) in the 1st round. At each race, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive extra points: 1st 3 extra, 2nd 2 extra, and 3rd 1 extra point.

6. An optional 1st round buy back will be available at the Mopar Club sign up desk (at the discretion of the track). Buy backs are $10.00 and must be paid no later than 15 minutes after completion of the 1st round. If there are 32 or more cars in the race, buy backs will not be offered. Buy backs will race each other only in the 2nd round of eliminations. In the event of an odd number of cars in the buy back round, high card will determine bi-run.

7. Drivers must check their dial in on the track board BEFORE staging. Once you stage, if your dial-in is incorrect, you've accepted the dial-in and it will stand.

8. When all the track lights are on, all racing vehicles must have at least one working taillight turned on. Also, if a vehicle runs 13.99 or slicks, a helmet must be worn. NO EXCEPTIONS! Failure to do either will result in a DQ.

9. Bi-runs for first round will be decided by playing cards drawn at entry. Individuals drawing an ace will automatically redraw a 2nd card in case of a tie. Bi-runs thereafter will be determined by the track using the closest-to-dial in. Each driver is eligible for and to use only one bi-run at each race. Buy backs race each other only in round 2. Bi-runs in the buy back round will be determined using the cards drawn at entry.

10. At NO TIME will any driver have lane choice. Whatever side of the pre-stage lanes you pull into will be the lane you are in. You cannot switch lanes after pre-stage. This will result in an automatic DQ. After that, you go where the lane master directs you. Starting round 3, a ladder system will be used, determined by the Race Committee.

11. All cars entered in the race, place an M on your window before your car number.

2. The Mopar Club will award club members at the conclusion of the race, $10.00 for closest to the dial-in during eliminations and $10.00 for best reaction time during eliminations (must show time-slip). Club membership is available at registration desk.