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Alien City Dragway NAPA

Mopar vs. the World

September 24 & 25, 2016 - ABQ DRAGWAY

Download the flyer here.

We had a GREAT EVENT this year with 73 cars:
49 World cars and 24 Mopars.

No Mopars were in the final six cars, unfortunately, but we did have one final
Mopar in the last group where the final six were chosen. Thanks to Ken Madruga for
holding out and thanks to everyone, Mopar or not, who attended this event.

2015 Winners are:

Manny Blea Jr. (Nova) - 1st; Manny Blea III (Mustang) - 2nd; Angelo Sanchez (Nova II) - 3rd; Quarter Finalists -
Ken Lukesh (Nova), Wayne Matthews (Nova), and Max Tafoya (Nova II).

Thanks to everyone who attended, Mopar or not and thanks to Robert Costa, Jim Reidel,
and the ABQ Dragway staff for all they did to make this event a success.

AND MAT'S MECHANICAL (heating, plumbing, & sewer)


This event, previously held at the Roswell, NM track, is now be held at the ABQ Dragway starting in 2015. Six previous events have been held with Mopars being crowned the "King of the World" three out of the six times. This event is Mopars (car and motor have to be Mopar unless you are a dragster) against everyone else, a.k.a., "The Others" or "The World."


Thanks to ABQ Dragway, Yearwood Performance, and Mat's Mechanical. Payouts will be distributed to the top six cars.

How it Will Work:

Gates will open at Friday from noon to 7:00 p.m. for any overnight campers. Overnight camping is allowed (Friday and Saturday).

Schedule for September 26, 2015:
Gates open: 9:00 a.m. Saturday
Time trials: 11:00 a.m. (you will receive a run card)
Dash: 1:45 p.m.
Eliminations: 2:00 p.m.

Entry - Run cards will be $40.00 each with a $20.00 first round only buy back. Gate fee is $20. Gates will open at 9:00 a.m. with two time trials for each racer. Dash for cash entry is $20.00.

Three Classes - Sportsman; Pro - Non-electronics; and Super-Pro - electronics

Mopar Team - To be on the Mopar team, you will need a true Mopar car (car and motor have to be Mopar) with a Mopar power plant. AMC is considered Mopar as well. Then, be ready to take on whatever cars come to race! If you are interested in joining the Mopar team, email us and let us know so we can add you to the list to give us an idea of how many Mopar's are coming.

The World Team - Everything but Mopar running against Mopar's for the bragging rights for one year and the money. But don't think it's going to be that easy. Mopar's come from all over and have taken the crown for three out of four years.Points - This race is for fun and will not count towards ABQ Dragway track points or Mopar Challenge Series points. However, SWDRA points can be counted for this race.


* All NHRA and track rules will be followed.
* Track Tech rules must be followed.
* IF DQ'd, no refunds.

Details -You will start in your class then it will be an all run event at the end. Sprotsman, Pro (non-electronic), Super- Pro (electronics) will run separately until the final 2 cars in each class. Then the final 6 cars will be merged and laddered based on previous round, closest to dial. Note that in all three classes, we will pair a Mopar against a World Car until there are no more remaining pairs to match up. At that time, remaining cars will be paired up against each other whether on the same team or not. You can run in more than one class or more than one car as long as you make the call for your round. We will not wait.

Tech - As soon as racers get to the track they must get in line for tech. Be sure you are aware of what will be needed for your car. Fire jackets, helmets, cages, etc. It is the drivers responsibility to know what the track rules are. If you don't know, please ask a tech or call (888)-925-2227 or email the track .

Other Information:

Motel - The ABQ Dragway has a host hotel that gives racers a discounted rate. Just say that you are with Albuquerque Dragway. Click here for the hotel's website.

Current sponsors include:
ABQ Dragway
Yearwood Performance Center
Mat's Mechanical