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Mopars on Midway 2010; 2011; extra

2013 Mopar Fest
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2014 Mopar Fest
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2015 Mopar Fest
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Want to know more about
the Mopar Muscle Club of NM?

Visit our About Us page. You might be surprised. You don't even have to own
a Mopar or live in NM to be a member, just be a Mopar enthusiast.

All years, all models of Mopars are welcome!!!
The one-stop shop for all antique, classic, and modern Mopars!

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**Upcoming Events**

May 14 - 1st Mopar Challenge
Race of 2016
2 classes - stree vehicle and race vehicle

June 18 - 21st Annual Mopar Fest

Some pictures from a recent event. If you want to see them all, they are
displayed in the Mopar Muscle Club of NM's monthly newsletter.

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These are pictures from our monthly Cars-n-Coffe and Poker Run.

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Year 2016 Officers

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The original version of this website was developed in 1998. It has greatly evolved since then when, in 2003, the site was redesigned and upgraded. In 2005, Leona took it over and tries to update it regularly. Make sure you keep checking back. Happy Moparing! Mopar or No Car!

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