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Kevin DeGraauw

1965 Barracuda Formula S Clone
I have owned my 1965 Plymouth Barracuda for a little over a year now. When I got it from a good friend, it was a rolling chassis base model – no interior, no paint, some scrapes and dings, and most of the other stuff in boxes. It did have a factory sway bar up front, a 4 speed hump, a Kelsey Hayes prop valve with single piston discs up front, and 3 speed wipers. Since then I have replaced the interior entirely (from Legendary and Laysons), set a '73 318 with a 340 resto cam in it between the fenderwells, and repainted it the '65 EE1 Dark Metallic Blue (the base coat, clear coat equivalent). The Auge's did a great job of finishing my “attempt” at body work, installing the new glass/gaskets and spraying the paint. Since the dealerships would add the stripe back in the day (not very common from the factory despite the brochures), I took some liberty and painted it a light metallic blue from a 1995 Dodge Dynasty. Power steering and factory hi-pro exhaust manifolds round out the tight engine compartment.

he car also has a complete performance 273 exhaust with crossover and resonator, and a 2.76:1 geared, 8-3/4 gear in it- not for performance, but great for the highway. Plans include to finish the 273 Commando V8 with a factory 4 bbl manifold and Carter AFB in my garage and have it running by Hub City or NMCCC. All formula S badging is there, as I will have all the options installed when complete. This 4 speed car is a riot to drive and gets thumbs up everywhere!