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Paul and Leona Van Ostrand - 1974 Chrysler Valiant

Built at Chrysler de Mexico

We found this car accidentally from someone who emailed us about a car they were trying to sell. They said they had a Duster to sell so we went to check it out. When we first pulled up and I saw the front, I thought it was the Dart Sport that we have been looking for for so long. Then when I saw the back of it, it had Duster taillights. About this time, the gentleman selling the car came out of his house and informed us that it was a Mexican built Mopar.

Having just sold our 69 Dart project car to make room, we were hesitant to jump at another project. But, it is such an oddity that we couldn't resist.

It has a 225 slant six, automatic with console, bucket seats, disc brakes, a kilometer per hours speedometer, Mexican only Kelsey Hayes wheels, and is mostly straight body wise. So now it sits in the place of the 69 Dart we sold waiting to be worked on.

It doesn't have a vin number. It has a identification number stamped into the firewall so finding out things about this car has been difficult. I did however, find the broadcast sheet under the back seat. It is labeled Chrysler de Mexico and is in Spanish and is about 2 feet by 2 feet in size. It's in rough shape but with a little work and a Spanish dictionary, we've been able to figure some stuff out.

We also contacted fellow club member Hipolito Coss who lives in Mexico and has a Mexican built Valiant (with a Demon front end and Duster taillights). He said he too has done a lot of research on these cars and has come up pretty much empty.

For now, it sits while the 72 Duster gets worked on but I am looking forward to getting it running.