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Owner - Jeff Priem

1969 Charger

Greetings. Yes, that is right, I live in Wisconsin. What made me look to the MMC of NM? I own a '69 Charger that spent the first 30 years of its life in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 1999, I found this '69 Charger (440-4-speed) for sale on line. I bought it in pieces and shipped it all back to Wisconsin. It basically sat for 12 years when in 2011 we began to move ahead with the rotisserie-restoration. In August 2013, it moved under its own power since (what I believe) is the first time since 1994. I am fascinated to imagine my car running the streets of Albuquerque back in “the day.” Although, I hear from previous owners that it sat much of its life, accumulating only 36,000 miles. I have owner history back to 1975.

I would love to find that other members recall this car. I would love to hear stories or see pictures of Mopars in the Albuquerque area back in “the day.”

Here are a few pictures. One of it completed and one of how I first saw it in 1999.