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Rick Floray from Liberty, Missouri

1969 1/2 Roadrunner
(Six Pack)

This is one of those cars that you hear about and don't take real seriously but as this one turned out, you should always check into these things. A fellow came into Dave Floray's work one day talking about a Six Pack Roadrunner race car that a friend of his was trying to get rid of. It was a project car that had been raced but had not been cut up. Dave told his brother Rick about it but they didn't do anything about it right away. A week or so went by and Rick started getting curious so they went to check on this so-called Six Pack car. And, lo and behold, it was a true 69 ½, lift-off hood, Six Pack Roadrunner. So a deal was struck and Rick took it home to begin the restoration. Just goes to show that you can't discount things until you see them.