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Robert Covell

1963 300
This is my 1963 Dodge 330. A lot of people ask me what is a 330? It was the base model for the Polara body style. The car started out as a big block manual transmission. Probably a 383 with a 3 speed. The car had been sitting in the desert at a ranch for about 12 years when I bought it. I get a lot of comments like: “that used to be this guy's car back….” I think the car has been a racecar and raced in NM since the early '70's. It sure likes to be raced. This is my first racecar and did I learn a lot! From motors to transmissions, brakes, suspension, ladder bars, coilovers, roll cages, and fuel delivery bugs. Boy, big blocks LOVE fuel! I can't thank all the people enough who have helped me get this car from the 13's down to the high 10-second range in Albuquerque. Art Pacheco from Six-Pack performance for all his knowledge and patience in dealing with me, his wife Lorraine for being so nice and feeding me, Art Jr. and Andrew, Monte and Fritz Toledo, My bud Chaz Edwards, Ernie Johnson and Diane from Automotive Head Exchange, and all the racers who have helped me when I broke something at the track. Thanks to all the club member racers who make the race challenge so much fun and competitive. Thanks to all the club members who support such a great Mopar Club. Thanks to my wife Lisa for her never-ending support for me and my hobby-habit