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Robert Covell

My 1971 Charger is my first Mopar. There was a lady who lived across the street from me when I was in high school. One day she was cleaning out her side yard and had her side gates open. My step dad asked me, "Do you want a Muscle Car?" My reply was, "What's a muscle car?" He told me to go over to the neighbor's house and look at the car in her yard. I was 17 and had a 74 Caprice 4 door that all my friends would pile in. I saw this Charger and thought it was way cool. Then I had to go to the airport to stay for the summer at my dad's house in Michigan. I thought about the car a lot and when I returned back home to California, my parent's had bought the Charger for me for $500 and had it all shined up and sitting in the garage! What an awesome car for a 17 year old! I sold the caprice and paid them back I got pulled over almost every day.


I recently got it running again after letting it sit for 18 years.

My wife told me to fix it or sell it because it was a shame to let it sink into the ground. She was right. I still find myself wanting any old Mopar I see but forgot how much I enjoy the ones I have.

Someday I hope to paint it, but for now I'm going to drive it like it is. I seem to get a lot of smiling faces giving me thumbs up whenever I go for a cruise.

It is an SE with black paint, interior and had a black half vinyl top and concealed headlights. It came with power windows, tilt column, cruise, AM/FM with separate cassette mounted on the floor, column shift with a bucket bench seat. A 383 magnum with a 727 and an 8 3/4 rear with highway gears. It has changed a little since then with buckets now and a regular column with a TCI floor shifter. It now has a 440 from an old circle track car and some 3.55 gears with a posi.