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Owner - Steve Tarro

1969 Road Runner


I purchased this car back in 1986 from the original owner in Truth or Consequences, NM .  Mick (the original owner) had kept the car well maintained for its first 17 years and 100,000 miles.  I had the engine rebuilt at 104,000 when a dropped timing chain cost me all my pushrods and half my valves.  Never pop the clutch when the engine dies for no reason at all at 35 mph.  The rebuild was required to get all the nylon gear pieces out of the oil passages.

New paint was applied about 10-years ago in the original color.  The only deviation from stock is a bit hotter cam during the rebuild, and a Pistol Grip shifter put on by the original owner back in 1970.  The bias-ply redlines sure look cool, but the car begs for a set of radials.  The car is driven on nice days (aren't they all nice in New Mexico ?) and shown when I get the chance.