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John Teas

1974 Roadrunner

A few years ago I received a tip from a friend that there was a very unusual 1974 Plymouth Road Runner out in the desert north of Kingman, Arizona. After the 2006 Mopars at the Strip event, I decided it was time to find this rare bird. 1 a.m., stuck behind a fence there it was. I knew it was a rare Mopar but I had no idea it was a one of one when I bought it.

The car was originally sold in southern California and who ever special ordered the car knew what they wanted. Amongst the extensive options like bucket seats, console, AM/FM stereo, deluxe exterior trim, tach, rally gauges, dual exhaust with deluxe tips and blue interior, two more unusual boxes were checked off. 

Attached are a few photos and a short write-up about my 1974 Road Runner.

The Road Runner was ordered with a factory sunroof and a little known option called a Trak-Pack. The Trak-Pack in 1974 gave you an 8 3/4" rear axle with 3:55 gears, a Pistol Grip 4-Speed transmission, 360 Four Barrel engine, A/C delete and a special Trak-Pack radiator. Another part of the Trak-Pack was that it came with A/C delete.

Only a few dozen Road Runners were made in 1974 with sunroofs but only one was made with a Trak-Pack, and double blue colors. I have swapped out the 3:55 gears for a set of 2:92 gears. This gives the bird some great highway manners and good gas mileage to boot. To date, I have about 3,000 miles on the car since its stock restoration was completed.

It was chosen to be one of the feature cars at the 2009 Mopars at the Mansion. It won the Elite Award at the Cannery Casino Car Corral during the 2010 Mopars at the Strip and was selected by Chrysler to be in their SEMA Mopar Alley booth as one of the "10 Best"  Mopars of 2010.

Keep looking around out there in the desert. There are many more treasures to be found.