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Art Hurley Sr.

1971 Roadrunner
4 speed
4.10 gears
Art is the original owner of this car.
He says he would possibly consider trading it for for a Lil' Red Express

I bought this car from the Key AMC Rambler dealership on Lomas in Albuquerque in 1981. It was parked in the back lot for at least 2 years before I bought it. With a cracked windshield, grilles broken or missing, tires flat and different body parts missing, I knew I had to have this car. I met with the sales manager to find a $900 balance. Their mechanic stuck a battery in it and a shot of ether, the Satellite sprang to life only to show an oil light on.A bad engine problem? (No oil pressure?) The AMC mechanic then told the sale manager it had major engine problems. I offered $500 and the Satellite was bound for a new life. The engine was rebuilt. Grilles replaced along with the glass, interior, suspension, especially the A/C components so I could cruise in comfort during the summer. A mild 340 cam, 360 intake with a Holley 500 cfm carb, 2 dual exhaust with flow master mufflers. The Satellite has racked up 289,000 miles and still runs like new. Twenty-two years later and a fresh engine, the Satellite still managers to get 17 to 19 miles per gallon even with the R-12 A/C on. The automatic shifts through a 727 and gets a little help from the 6 cylinder torque converter with 294 gears in a 8 _ rearend. The 71 cruises the streets with the Road Runner accents and lots more to come, in its new life. Maybe a big block? Rear deck spoiler? Tubbed?