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Owner Dan Sertich
1967 Plymouth GTX Conv.

My 67 GTX hemi 4 speed convertible did not start life as such. It started life as a 66 Belvedere 318 poly auto. This was a true labor of love, a love affair that took 3 years of almost every waking hour & many thousands of dollars. The car was truly a total wreck. Both quarters had dents & rust, trunk had rust, passenger front floor had rust. The windshield frame was smashed almost to the dash. There was no engine, trans, rearend, front clip, doors, interior or top BUT the top mechanism was there but no pump or lines or pistons. So began the search, two parts cars later I had my trunk, front floor pan, quarter extensions, front clip, doors & multiple trunk lids. I scraped the top mech because it had some rust & was a 66 style not a 67....yes they are different. I bought a pump, lines & pistons & I now had a working top mechanism. So started the body work.

Mean while I had lots of parts, so we got a K member & the entire front suspension powder coated. Upgraded to StRegis police disks (12in.) & brand new torsion bars. The rear got wire brushed & epoxy painted. Chrome cover on the dana & 11 inch drums, also brand new 6/7 leafs. All new interior from Legendary interiors. Welded in a 4 speed hump and installed the 4 speed pedal assy. Kept collecting parts, 67 GTXs are a one year only animal & finding good parts is a chore. I needed different tail lights and housings. The rear of the quarters are different than a 66 and 67 so they had to be modified. My parts cars gave me the bumpers to straiten & rechrome. All the vert chrome around the top was not there so I had to hunt it down and have it rechromed.



The engine was a stage 5 hemi using a 440 block punched 40 over. Custom Arias pistons, roller rockers, hydraulic cam with AMC anti pump up lifters with drilled pushrods. The intake is a factory duel quad that is ported to the Vanke/Stiles template. Two 750 Edelbrocks instead of 625s. Hooker 5210 headers with a TTI 3 inch exhaust. Hidden electronic ignition and charging. It has 10.25 compression. I used two fiberglass aircleaner bases & glassed them into a hemi reproduction base. This had to be done because the 625s have a smaller diameter than the 750s. Topped off with a factory chrome air cleaner. Did I mention the motor mounts? The right one is a stock 440 mount. The left.....wooo it's a very custom made one, It bolts up to the 440 block, and the factory K member. But it snakes around the headers and steering. Now I understand why hemi's are bolted in the way they are.

Any where we could, we bought new for this car. I wanted it like almost buying a brand new car. One of the hardest things to find was the tiny "HEMI" emblem on the back trunk. 67 and 68 item only. I could quite literally write a book on the 3 years of building this car. But I don't think Paul and Leona want to publish it! LOL. Many many hours, money & beer went into this car. Any questions? Shoot me an email