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Dion Gutierrez

I bought this car in late 1993 about a year after I finished high school. I drove it briefly for about 3 months. I had to park it when the engine started knocking due to one of my cam lobes deciding to become round! It was probably a good thing because I was young and having a little too much fun with my new found love for big block power! I hope I can restrain myself now that I’m older and be a little more light footed!

So, you know how it goes from there, I was originally just going to rebuild the motor and get it back on the road right away but once the motor was out I decided to repaint the engine compartment and rebuild the suspension. Then one thing led to another. I finally put the car in the body shop last February and the car is almost ready. There turned out to be a nightmare of body work under the paint that even surprised the body men. The car apparently had been smashed on the passenger quarter panel twice and some horrible repair work had been done to say the best. Well, the car is nearly completely resurrected in better than new condition.
It features:
- Edelbrock Performer RPM heads
- Harland Sharp 1.6:1 needle bearing roller rocker arms
- Hughes Maximum Velocity Solid "Real Chrysler Cam" 247/253 @ .050 and
- SRP high silicon forged pistons
- 11.5:1 squeeze
- 3,500 rpm stall torque converter
- 3.91:1 rear end (will need more gear)
- Be Cool radiator
- Optima battery in the trunk
- Harwood 15 gallon fuel cell in the trunk
- Chris Alston's 8 point cage
- Jacobs Ignition
- Tti 1 7/8" headers
- 3" exhaust pipes all the way to the bumper
- One wire alternator
- March underdrive pulleys
- Dual circuit engine oil/tranny fluid cooler w/built in fan
- 77 Cordoba spindles, 11" discs and calipers
- fiber glass hood w/hood pins
- Underside is completely coated with rock guard
I hope to send an "all done photo to the club within a couple of months" so stay tuned.