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Smokey Alford

1969 Super Bee
My 1969 Super Bee was advertised in a Deals and Wheels magazine in Dallas while I was there on TDY. Actually, the car was NW of Ft. Worth in Azle.

The guy that had it wouldn’t come to his shop where I could see it thru the fence (big fence) because it was Sunday. OK. Magnum wheels, hood scoops, * scoops, and a Coupe. I looked right past the rusty holes. I want it. Then came time to tow bar it home, it didn’t cooperate at all. Without an engine in, to lend weight to the steering, it wouldn’t return to strait after a turn. We
were in for a LONG ride. It would track just fine on the freeway, but, when it came time for Mickey D’s, it would stay turned full after the off ramp. So, stop traffic, get out, tug and tug the wheels back straight and then on our way again. Nobody ever complained. I convinced myself to buy a $1000 wire welder to fix the lagonga holes with patch panels. Good thing my body man, Jody, is a miracle worker with crooked tin!!

The 383 that came with it had sat in the weather, heads and pan off, for 10 years. STUCK. So, when it came time for the heavy stuff, I happened to have a 1960 413 all built, just hangin’ there on that stand. Done deal. A learning experience rebuild on the 4 speed and its shifter and the heavy stuff was near done. We’ll save the electric drama for another time. Did about a season and a * showing (9 trophies) and now, drag racing. Lots more fun. I’m going to try and not get serious.