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Owner - Steve Lauer

1971 Charger R/T


I purchased the car in January 1999 as a basket case restoration project.  I was looking for something to keep me busy.  It is an original Arizona car with no rust and retained almost all of the original pieces.  It is somewhat unusual for an R/T to have a long list of options but this one did and I'm happy that it does.  It came with P.S., P.B., and A/C, and the rather unusual options of a trunk mounted luggage rack, door edge guards, rear window defroster, and a cassette/recorder/player deck.  It even has factory undercoating.

The original 440 Magnum is still in the car.  It was rebuilt .030 over and a new 750 Holly and electronic ignition were added for driveability.  All the wiring was missing and so were the A/C components. That was all replaced.

It took me about four years to restore it back to original. I did however make a concession to my idea of what this car should have come with and that was the hideaway headlights.  They are just too cool to pass up, so I added them.  No apologies to the's my car and it looks better with them.

Everything went well and I was enjoying the ride until June 2006 when I was broadsided by a Oldsmobile at an intersection in town (he had no insurance, no brakes and plenty of speed).  The Charger was damaged very badly.  With the help of good friends, my insurance, and the guys at Auges Sales and Service Body Shop; the car was brought back from the dead. It took 9 months to finish but I am once again enjoying the ride.  I am however, much more careful around intersections and I don't drive it nearly as much as I did before the accident.  That's too bad because I really built the car so I could drive it all the time.  Nevertheless, it's back and I'm happy to have it.