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Marlene Swanson/Marion Schneider

1967 GTX
The 1967 GTX Hemi featured here is owned by Todd and Marlene Swanson. Our family purchased this car from Detroit, Michigan via northeast Ohio some 4 years ago. The GTX is an original California manufactured car that started out as a 440 magnum but thanks to a very good effort by Salem Ohio Industrialist and Mopar racer Boyd Peck, it was fitted with a fully balanced, blue printed and numbers correct 1967 426 street Hemi. Engine work was done by Domhoff Marine in Harmony, PA and was further worked on by Mopar specialist Kramer and Kramer in PA. The car retains all of the original interior but is equipped with a 4.10 rear end and a heavy duty high stall Torque Flight automatic transmission. The 426 engine has a 292 hydraulic cam with two four barrel Carter AFBs and is rated at 425 HP at 5000 rpm. However, we have found that Chrysler deliberately derated the engine and the true horsepower is close to 500 HP at around 6000 rpm. With a weight of 3750 lbs, the car is a very good performer. The interior is all original and we have hesitated to redo it to maintain the full originality.

The car is abeautiful maroon color with traditional white stripes on the hood and trunk.1967 was the year in which the fewest 426 Hemis were produced and only 108GTX Hemis were manufactured. We estimate that less than half of these survive today and know of only 3 including this one in working order in the Albuquerque area. We thoroughly enjoy showing the car at various auto shows so we can share some of its unique features with the public.