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John & Barbara Copage

Edgewood, NM

A little more than a year ago, we bought a 1970 Challenger from Art at Six Pack Performance. He gave us a great deal on it! It had been used for drag racing recently and had real low mileage. John and I had been talking about getting a muscle car to restore on and off for many years and decided that if we didn't do it now we probably never would.

t sounded so cool driving behind him on the way home to Edgewood .  We decided to restore it back to the original factory car that it started out as.  We have the broadcast sheet that came with it and all of the numbers match except the engine and the “transmission.”  It has a 383 engine, 4 speed, standard steering, standard brakes and no air conditioner. It's all red, inside and out. Art Sr. and Art Jr. at Six Pack have been invaluable in helping us out with the restoration. More to come later.