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Owners Mike and Kathi Mansur

This is our 1970 Barracuda 440. We've owned it since 1990. We had seen our car before we bought it at a local pizza shop. I did not know who owned it, but I sure fell in love with it. About six months later, in June 1990, it appeared at a local dealership for sale. It was then I knew I had to buy it. The previous owner was out of state, so I was not able to find out specifics on the car or its history. Not long after we bought it, I was out having some fun and had not gotten used to the Indy racing shifter it had. The problem was the transmission is a three speed and the shifter had four positions. When I went to shift to second, the shifter moved one notch, but I was still in 1st gear. I did not have a tach at the time, but know when I heard a distinct ping in the engine and it began running rough, that I had done something. I took it to a mechanic friend of mine and he later found out the inner spring of the three springs per valve had broken and the valve was bent. Thankfully that valve had not damaged the piston.

Needless to say I have been careful to shift in the right positions when racing it after that. It does have a full race cam and oversize valves. I have not replaced the 2 Holley four barrels, but tune them occasionally. They are mounted on a Weiand tunnel ram intake manifold.  I have not changed the jets since bringing the car here from sea level in Vermont which I should probably do. It has a Mallory electronic ignition system with an Accel coil. The oil pan is a Moroso deep 8 quart, feeding a high volume oil pump. The car also has a transmission cooler.

We moved out here to NM in 1993 and kept the car at my parents in Vermont under a carport for approximately 12 years, only starting it when I was back there visiting them, about twice a year.

The paint has suffered a little, and I have had to replace the water pump, hoses, air cleaner, and battery. I installed a front brake line lock in September to run it at the Mopar Challenge, but realize now that I need slicks to be more effective off the line. The car also has welded cross members to strengthen the frame, and traction bars. I had to install a drive shaft safety loop before I could race it at Epping , New Hampshire . The only other problem I had after moving it out here was to clean out the rather extensive mouse nest I found under the back seat. The next task I want to do is to have a nice paint job done.