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Don & Robin Watenpaugh

Here are pictures of my 50 th birthday present from my wife.  First off, I have to thank Robin for being the greatest wife a car guy could ever have.  She puts up with my obsession, not many wives would let their husbands have 7 collector and muscle cars.  But she does and is also very involved in the hobby.

The car is a Plum Crazy Purple 1971 Dodge Challenger.  It was originally a Deputy A93, E-Body Coupe Package. This is not a hardtop model, the rear quarter windows are fixed and do not roll down there are no window handles or regulators in the rear quarters.  The Deputy was a low cost economy model with very few standard items and many deleted items like the radio, cigarette lighter, inside rear view mirror, one horn etc.  They came standard with the 198 6 cylinder engine. However the 225, 318 and 383 (2V and 4V) were optional. Standard was the A230 3 speed but you could order the auto or 4 speed. The interiors came either white or black and the seats are from the Plymouth Barracuda line. The deputy was introduced March 1970 and brought back for 1971. There were a total of 1265 made in 1970 and 2035 in 1971.  There were a few made with the 383 4 speed but these are extremely rare.


The car was built June 30, 1971 in Hamatramck, MI . This car was ordered with the 318 auto and with many options, defeating the purpose of the Deputy package.  I have the original build sheet and some of the items are as follows:

A93 E-Body Coupe Package, E44 318 2 barrel, D31 Light duty auto trans, L76 Heater Control Light, FC7 Plum Crazy Purple, L6X9 Low Trim Grade/Vinyl Buckets/Black, V1X Full Vinyl Top/Black, B12 Heavy Duty Front Disc Brakes, B51 Power Assisted Brakes, C16 Console with Buckets, R11 Music Master Radio AM, S25 Heavy Duty Shocks, S13 Ralley Suspension w/sway bar, G42 Standard Rear View Mirror, G33 Left Hand Outside Remote Mirror Manual.