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Cathy Nowlen

1970 Challenger
She started life as a Plain Jane in 1970 with a 318 automatic shifted on the steering column.  White with a blue interior, no air, no power brakes.  When we found her, she broke the 3 rules of buying a used car: she had rust and the previous owner had broke open the engine with the intension of rebuilding it (some day) so it was not running.  She was primer gray and dark blue paint with bondo patches and missing the passenger side window.  But Steve said he'd buy it for me for my birthday so how could I refuse?

So we drug her home and started to put her back together.  I joined the MOPAR Club shortly thereafter and found they were a wonderful source for parts.  Between the Mopar club and the junk yards, I got power brakes, R12 air conditioning, a new grill, the little wing, an R/T hood, white door panels, a slap stick console, new steering wheel, correct wheels and center caps, door handles, and chrome script and strips and finally a 340 SixPac and a new rear end.  I tell people about the only thing left original on this car is the frame.  But she is without a doubt, the coolest, most driven Challenger out there.  I had put 75,000 miles on the rebuilt 318 before it was replaced and I have nearly that much on the rebuilt 340.


On June 30, CNN had an article about the introduction of the new Dodge Challenger due out in 2007.  As I was emailing friends about the prospects of getting to buy a new muscle car, I realized that it would be quiet a sight in the drive way.  Mirror images of a '70 and an '07.

You might recognize this car as one of the cars on this years Hub City Mopar Fest event t-shirts.