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Miguel Duncan

This is the first car I ever bought... 15 May 1972.
I ordered it during my last year of college at Virginia Tech from Christiansburg Motors, Christiansburg Virginia, prior to entering the Air Force. I still have it because it never gave me any trouble, and it slowly dawned on me that I had a classic on my hands.

I drive it daily to and from work, and I really enjoy the stares and compliments that a new car can‚t generate.I have slowly upgraded it turning it into what I should have ordered the first time. a Rallye. I found a stock rear sway bar from a junk yard and just bolted it on. The dual exhaust was added in 2000 by Benders Custom Exhaust, Rio Rancho. The original single pipe finally started to get pin holes after 28 years. Bill is an artisan, and does an outstanding job at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend him. Of course a dual exhaust required a new rear valance, expensive dual chrome tips, and stock mufflers/resonators- - no cheap straight pipes flanking the gas tank (changes tend to snow ball). Bill Darcy and his troops at Augies in Belen did a wonderful but inexpensive paint job on the valance.

Since I had the car repainted 7 years ago due to repair of some rust forward of the rear wheel openings and Rallye hood addition, I had them use some of the left over paint for a no hassle color match.Last summer I added an Edelbrock Performer intake /650 CFM carb combination, and a K&N air filter. The stock 318 now spins the rear wheels, which it never did new, even at sea level. Other restorations included new carpet, front seat vinyl, side marker lamps, and wheel opening chrome from Year One. The rear seat and headliner is still original in factory condition.I have to thank my wife, because she made the first three loan payments while I was waiting to go on active duty. She claims she will have to bury me in the car because I‚ll probably have it until the day I die.