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Jeff and Rose Gardiner

1947 Plymouth Special Deluxe Business Coupe

This is a 1947 Plymouth Special Deluxe Business Coupe.  The body has been modified slightly with the fenders welded and filled so there is now no welting between body panels.  Other modifications to the body include 1949 Plymouth bumpers, some exterior chrome pieces removed, American Eagle mag wheels, the gas tank filler has been moved to inside the trunk (I'm not sure that was a great idea), the trunk handle has been moved and license plate bracket has been removed.  Its running a mid-seventies stock Chrysler 318 V-8, with a Torqueflite transmission.  It has a Nova front suspension and rear end.  The interior and trunk has been upholstered with tan naugahyde.

We've enjoyed driving the Coupe around town and even drove it back to Dallas/Fort Worth this year for the swap meet.  It's far from perfect.  As a matter of fact this last trip to DFW revealed a host of issues including a leaking windshield, the absence of defrosters, and whimsical windshield wipers.  Although electric they aren't synchronized, so they move independently and chaotically back and forth over each side of the windshield and since they don't "park" themselves you have to time turning them off and hope they both end up down in the parked position.  Normally this takes two or three attempts.  I hope to be able to eliminate some of its flaws over the next few years, but it will likely never be perfect.

Rose and I spent 18 years in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and lived about seven miles from the Texas Motor Speedway.  As a result I went to the Pate Swap meet held there every spring and have continued going since we moved back to New Mexico.  The year before last I was there sitting on a friends tailgate sipping on a cool beverage and the Plymouth drove by with a For Sale sign in it.  I immediately jumped off the tailgate and followed the car on foot to where the owner had his motor home parked.  I looked the car over and told Rose about it that evening.  We test drove it the next day, bought it, and the following day drove it 650 miles back to New Mexico. Thankfully, it didn't miss a beat on the trip home.