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Brad & Paula Smith

This car was as an original slant six 3 speed. Now has a 383 with cross rams, torque flite 727 with 2900 stall converter, 8 sure grip rear end with 4.56 gears, in board leaf springs with 18‰ w. by 38‰ tubs, P205 x 15 tires, Mickey Thompson 16.5 x 31 Sportsmen Prostreet, Rear Exhaust - Sanderson headers with 3 inch dual custom exhaust with fenderwell dmps, 3-chamber flow master‚s. Done by Bill at Benders.

It all started back in 1991. We were driving down Broadway when we got to the corner of Broadway and Coal and there it was!! With a big For Sale sign in the window. I didn‚t know what it was but I knew it was a Mopar and I knew I had to have it. So with $900 and a tow truck, I got it. After engine, clutch and brake work, it was ready to run. So we drove it for three years, but it soon developed a powerfull taste for oil. It was like the little engine that could! It just wouldn‚t give up.

In 1994, it met up with a Chevy pickup that took out the whole front clip and bent the frame. But I still couldn‚t get rid of it so in 1995, I just parked it and started collecting parts. After six years, a lot of hard work, and money, it become the Plyminator!!

I have to give a lot of special thanks to Rick Kaufman who helped me a great deal. Also, Art Pachecho, Eric Zahn. For all the parts and advice. Robert Howard for the custom machine work and advice. Bill Hubbel of Benders Exhaust for the excellent job on the exhaust system, and finally, my wife for putting up with me while I was building it.

The car is almost finished. Interior, window trim, and a nice audio system will top it off. Hopefully this year. And finally, thanks to the Mopar Muscle Club of NM for all the help and advice too.