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Owner George Kuechmann

This is my 69 Dart Swinger 340 4-speed car. Bought new in ABQ at Dodge Country, Lomas near I-25. I am the second registered owner, bought it from a long friend who chased this car for many years - he got it from the original owner in 2011. It has had the normal maintenance items replaced, but still sports the OEM mufflers, starter, carb and is otherwise unmodified or molested. Never wrecked or repainted - I really need to do something about the latter... Starts and runs, needs a windshield and the headliner installed, but have to fix some small dents on the roof first.

I met the original owner, lives off of Montgomery, and was a lot of fun to speak with. I'm collecting parts now and the car is safe in my garage and no longer getting hammered by the elements. Here's a few picks.

Looking forward to meeting more folks in the Mopar Club this year!