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Dennis and Nancy Welker - 2015 Challenger RT Shaker in Billet Metallic Silver

Nancy and I purchased our Shaker on April 15, 2015 form Melloy Dodge. Which as an added note: we found it to be a great day to buy a car, as the dealership was empty, with good reason as it was tax day. So we were able to negotiate a great deal.

We checked out the inventory at the local dealerships but Melloy was the only dealer that had a Shaker and it was on the floor. At that time there were two other RT Shakers available in red and white as well as the silver. The silver metallic was just striking to us so we were visible drawn to it at once. As we were finishing up the paperwork that evening, Mr. Melloy came over to us and said that he just checked out the inventory in New Mexico and found that we had taken delivery of the first factory 2015 Shaker in the state. That sort of added to the excitement of the purchase.

Our RT Shaker has many options and I won ' t bore you with all of them but the main items are a 5.7 L RT Shaker Hemi and a 6 speed manual transmission. We had Melloy add an electric sunroof. We then upgraded the seats to Katskin leather in a two-tone black and silver gray combination. Since then we have added the RT black matte side stripes to augment the retro 70 ' s look and a carbon fiber Mr. Norm ' s pistol grip.

In June 2015, I did finally do enough homework to add the MOPAR 5.7L Scat pack Stage 1 kit that is fully street legal. This kit includes the catback 3 exhaust plus the tuned PCM, The Scat Pack Stage 1 badges and the SRT high flow oil filter. In order to maintain the factory warranty, I had Melloy Dodge install these times and flash the new PCM to our cars current mileage, maintenance history and had the warranty info updated. The expense for upgrading to the Stage 1 was well worth it. It added HP and performance. Although the car isn ' t raced it has a nice boost when you punch it. We also had the Scat Pack emblem embroidered on the head rests of the front seats.

We are not looking to add Stage 2 or 3 kit as they maintain warranty but are not street legal.

We want to do some creative design to the engine bay area plus some additional mods but have not settled on the look we want, yet.