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Ken Spear – 1966 Dart

It's a work in progress with a 318 and 3spd on the floor. Just got a 8 3/4 sure grip for it.



Chelsea Van Ostrand – 2012 Challenger R/T

I am 22 years old. I am an extremely proud owner of a manual transmission silver 2012 Dodge Challenger R/T. It has the Hemi 5.7L with 375 horse power stock with only 8k miles. The Mopar wing and hood scoop package was included. It does not have the navigation system but I do plan on getting it installed. The car is completely stock with deleted mufflers so it does sound a lot better. I do plan on painting my hood scoop and wing black to give the car a distinct look. I will also start dressing the engine up some but, once I pay it off, I will make the car faster. I had a 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer that I traded in for the Challenger back in November 2014. I traded the car due to the Lancer being too slow and I choose the Challenger because first off, it is a Challenger (ha ha) and second, it has amazing safety ratings. The safety rating meant the most to me because I have my 18 month old son to keep safe. I absolutely love this car and I will not give it up for anything. I am also excited to finally have a Mopar so now I can be a part of the Mopar Muscle Club of New Mexico activities. I also know my dad (Paul Van Ostrand) is very happy that I choose to buy this car. ;-) Mopar or no car!!!!!!!!!!



Louie and Anna Casaus – 2015 Challenger R/T

Hello all, I'm a new member but on my second Challenger. We took delivery of this 2015 RT in Pitch Black Clear last November. Factory options include the new 8 speed TorqueFlite and Super Track Pack. Upon delivery, the Mopar shaker and hood kit were ordered and installed by the dealer to allow for coverage under their factory warranty. Modifications include additional badging, shaker graphics, newly released FM Force 2 Cat Backs, all season tires, Petty strut, engine bay hydro-graphics and minor interior improvements. So far, loving this car and thanks for the warm welcomes.