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Chris Garcia, ABQ, NM – 2009 Challenger R/T

Here is my 2009 Stone White Challenger R/T. I always admired the Challenger back in the 70's but never even knew someone who owned one. Late in 2008, I saw a Hemi Orange SRT out in the wild. I had no notion whatsoever that Dodge was coming out with this car again. But, I instantly knew that this was a Challenger. That's how good the engineers did in the design. My eyes were wide open and glued on this car as it crossed my path. I told myself that I was going to have one of these beautiful cars.

n 2009, Chrysler succumbed to a dismal economy (they shut down the factory) so that made my pursuit of this car that much more difficult. I was searching almost nation-wide for a Challenger—in white. At that point in time, it was one of only two Challengers at a dealer's lot in New Mexico. It was my first brand new car, first V8, and first pony car all rolled into one. Lucky me!