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Christopher Garcia, ABQ, NM – 2009 Challenger R/T

I bought my 2009 Challenger R/T in December of 2010. I had been following the Dodge Challenger phenomena since the concept cars were released in 2007. Unfortunately, the Challenger was not within my financial reach for the first two model years. In early 2010 I went through two life changing events that vastly improved my financial situation. By mid 2010, I had determined in my mind that I was going to take the Challenger plunge. In early July, I saw a black Challenger R/T that really pushed me to start actively getting my financial house in order. I began to pay off my debts and save extra cash for my down payment. I also arranged financing with my credit union and got preapproved at an unheard of rate. I began to actively look for a used Challenger in late Sept. 2010. I had pretty much determined that I wanted a well optioned R/T but was open to an SRT8 IF I could find one in my price range. I also predetermined which colors would be acceptable to me. My first choice was black, followed by Detonator Yellow, and finally Hemi Orange. I really spent a lot of time trying to find a black R/T highly optioned. I expanded my search area out to 500 miles, and then 1000 miles. I never found even a single Detonator Yellow for sale. I test drove several Challengers during Oct, Nov., and Dec. I came close to a deal on a Hemi Orange 2008 SRT but it was a few thousand dollars more than I could afford. I also test drove a TorRed, and a black SRT8. All of them were out of my price range. I also found a well optioned Hemi Orange R/T locally, but the dealer and I were several thousand dollars apart. I finally found a well optioned Black R/T in Colorado Springs that the dealer was willing deal on. I took a trip out to Texas to see my daughter and her family the first week of December, I looked at several Challengers in the Fort Worth area but nothing really came together. About that same time, the local dealership that had the orange R/T contacted me and mentioned he may be willing to meet my price. I went over and test drove the car again but he still wasn't close enough to my price to close the deal. Right after Christmas, I was about to buy a one way ticket and fly up to Colorado Springs when the local dealership called me again and told me they would meet my price. I again went down and test drove the car and a deal was made. I began modifying my Challenger right away. So far the mods to my car are as follows. 20% window tint, Cold Air intake, Borla Exhaust, Custom Drake muscle cars Fuel Door, Foose Legend wheels and Nitto tires, Custom white rally stripes, custom painted engine cover, Billet Tech Catch Can, Billet Tech oil cap, transmission cap, Fuse box cover, power steering cover, A/C port cover and washer fluid cover, Functional hood scoops, hood struts, SRT8 headers and midpipes, Diablo predator tuner, and bright metal pedals. I still have a number of other mods I plan on doing as money permits. It has been a great summer doing car shows and meeting Club members and other muscle car enthusiast. It's really fun to belong to a club with so much participation and encouragement. I've also taken several road trips with my girlfriend in the Challenger. We've gone to Alamogordo and White Sands National Park, The Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Prescott, AZ, and recently we took a trip up to Pagosa Springs, CO.