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Jeff Davenport –
1969 300 Convertible

Yellow in color with a black top, a 440, 727, 2.76 sure-grip.

I helped my Dad inspect/buy this decent C-Body vehicle from a WPC-member in Hamilton Ohio in October 2001.  It ran great, had mostly original green exterior paint, black top & the price was fair.

My friends from CEMA (, Joe Maranto, Dennis Guza & Dave Patasky helped me transport the car to my home in Sylvan Lake, MI for some routine/preventive maintenance.  We tuned-up the 440, installed a MOPAR electronic ignition system, replaced the muffler/tail-pipe & bought 4 new radial whitewalls.  I then drove the car to my Brother's in Aurora, IL where we met-up with my Dad (from Madison WI).  There we traded cars:  I bought my Dad's 1958 DeSoto Firedome Sportsman (which I still own) & Dad took delivery of his "new" convertible.  A couple of years later Dad & my Step-Mother had the rag-top re-painted Nason "Sun Yellow", which it still wears.

Last Spring 2010, my Dad was looking to down-size his "stuff" & sold me the 300.


I added the American Racing 17" wheels, a louder muffler, new Goodyear radials, a detail, new U-Joints & Joe Maranto worked his tuning magic once again by re-curving the distributor for 20-plus inches of vacuum & great performance on 93 octane fuel.  A low-speed carb issue caused me to swap carbs with my '71 Challenger (Holley XP670) and now it starts & runs at all speeds without drama, mostly thanks to the primary RAPIDJETr ( ) billet metering block.

ook the 300 to 4 or 5 shows last Summer & really enjoyed driving this huge beast around the Motor City.  With that bright yellow paint, it stands out - even on Woodward.