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Steve Tarro - 2001 Viper GTS

I purchased this car used in 2005 with only 7,500 miles on it from a dealer in Houston who had it listed on eBay.   Having lusted after a Viper when they first came out in 1992, I saved my pennies for 10-years, sold off several other MOPARs, made really good friends with a loan officer in south Texas, and my dream was finally fulfilled.

The car is bone stock except for the floor mats and the air in the tires.

My best time out at the drag strip was a dismal mid-13 seconds, but I attribute that to the nimnod in the driver's chair.  The road course out at Sandia Motorsports has a dozen passes on it from this car along with certainly 5,000 miles worth of rubber.  The most fun I've had with the car is cruising to the top of the Sandia Crest.  My fear of an extended stay in prison keeps me from exploring what the top end is, but someday.....