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Dalton Vaughn - 1996 Viper

I have always been a Mopar lover ever since I got my first 69' blue and white Roadrunner when I was just 17.  I've owned a lot of cars since then but I have to say I have come to love my Viper more than all the rest put together.  I began my serious search for a Viper in 2007.  I was torn between the 96' blue and white coupe, an 06' blue and white and an 06' black and silver. I put in a bid/offer on the 96' blue and white but the owner declined.  I put in a bid/offer on the blue and white 06' and I was out bid so I moved on to the 06' black and silver but the owner wanted too much for the car.  My budget was 50k for the 06's and 45k for the 96'.  It seemed like when I found one I was really interested in and it didn't have too many miles on it and it met my standards, they wanted too much for it. I found lots of others but they always had issues or were priced a little too high.  After about a month or so of serious hunting I was running out of luck and Vipers I was interested in.  I decided to email the owner of the first 96' Viper I was interested in and he seemed to be a little more motivated to sell after a month or so.  So I made him an offer contingent on an appraisal and inspection.  He agreed and I contacted an appraiser/inspector and he came back with an appraisal of $47,900.00.  I was a little worried that the owner was going to stay firm on the appraisal but he accepted my offer of $43,500.00 and it was a done deal.  I told my girlfriend we were taking a trip to Magnolia, Arkansas the very next weekend.  We flew out to Dallas, rented a PT Cruiser and drove 300 miles to Magnolia.  After changing a flat tire and having the original tire repaired on the way, we finally arrived in Magnolia.  I was happy with the car and so we made the 950 mile road trip back and brought it home and it has been a never ending joy since.  I've put on a 3" cat delete exhaust system with headers, smooth tubes and filter, solid core wires, 09' six spoke polished wheels, SCT pcm tuner and a nitrous system that can add 100 to 300 HP.  The car had 19,400 miles on it when I got it and it just went over 34,000 so I definitely enjoy it every chance I get.  I've had the car at the Albuquerque Dragway and it has gone 12.32 on motor and 11.70 on a 150 shot of spray.  I have also managed the courage to take it to about 190 mph on motor before shutting it down at the request of my girlfriend.  Oh BTW, my girlfriend (Korinne) has run 11.99 on spray at the strip as well, now if that ain't love, I don't know what is.