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Robin & Don Watenpaugh

Here are photos of my newest toy. I know it's not a true Mopar. It's a 1965 Rambler Classic 660 4 door Sedan . A few months ago my uncle called me and asked if I was interested in his old Rambler. I was hesitant at first and asked him what condition the car was in. He had bought this car in Michigan and currently lives in the Seattle WA area and I was thinking rust bucket. He said the original owners were an older retired couple that went to Florida in the winter. They didn't drive the car in the winter month so it was spared the salt cancer so common with cars in that area. My uncle drove it a few years and then just parked it but kept it covered and started it frequently.

He sent me pictures of it and I was amazed of how good of condition it was in. There are a couple of rust spots but they are minor and easily fixed. The paint and chrome are in excellent condition. The interior is in good condition, the front carpet is a bit worn and the front seat covers have two rips in the fabric. That wouldn't be hard to fix if I can find the correct material and pattern. The rest of the interior, the back seat, door panels and headliner are in excellent condition.

The car has a 287 cubic inch V8 with Holley 2 barrel, automatic transmission, manual steering and manual drum brakes, and has 80K miles on it. The car is totally stock, doesn't leak or burn oil, complete and unrestored. Quit a few people that have seen the car or that I've told them about it have commented that their first car was a Rambler or their parents or grandparents had a Rambler, probably because they were inexpensive, economical and very dependable cars. I know its not flashy or a muscle car but it's a really a nice mid-60s family sedan and it looks good parked next my 70 AMX.