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Fred Jaramillo

1991 Spitzer built rear engine dragster
I purchased the car on December 31, 1995 and I am the third owner. The dragster chassis was built to except either a Big Block Chevrolet or a big Block Chrysler Powerplant. The dragster has never had a Chevrolet between its frame rails. The first owners built a Chrysler engine for it and were new to the sport of drag racing. The first team that owned my dragster went through a few engines, because the driver kept overreving it. The expense of the engines caused them to exceed their budget. They then sold the car and broken engine to Rick Allison of Indianapolis, Indiana. Rick rebuilt the engine and raced the car one time. In that one time, a cracked cylinder and the realization that dragsters were not as fun as his high powered doorslammers, made the decision to put the car up for sale. I found the ad in the National Dragster in early December and began making arrangements to purchase and pick up my new dragster less the engine. I had the motor from my 70 'Cuda, which bolted right in.

I ran that motor for my first year with the dragster. I sold the 'Cuda in February of 1997 and the motor that was in my dragster. So that's when I decided to build the motor I had been dreaming about, my Bandit 1.

My Bandit 1 motor is a 471 cubic inch Big Block Mopar and it is stock all the way to the block and timing cover. Okay, so those are the only two stock parts in the entire motor. My motor came from a big '73 Chrysler. I chose the 400 block because of the power I intended to build. 600 horsepower is all that the RB/B motor will safely handle and with an estimated 750 horsepower that was to be built, the 400 B/Block was the best choice. Not only for strength was the 400 used, but for its bigger bore. The only thing now was to build some stroke into the Bandit 1.

The motor uses stroker 4340 crank, clevite bearings, eagle steel rods and .030 oversized Venolia pistons round out the rotating assembly. B1 cylinder heads and matching components are used to get all that air in and out of the Bandit 1. A Holley 1050 dominator is what dumps the fuel that feeds all 471 cubic inches of my Mopar. A set of Bandit Racing Mufflers built by me quiet the exhaust to acceptable levels required by NHRA. The motor was assembled at Bosque Tire and Auto, and Coats and Colors powdercoated the parts to keep them looking nice.

The dragster chassis had 97 runs on it when I purchased it. I have since made over a thousand runs on it. I have won many times with this car and I can honestly say it is the best race car I have ever owned. I race it at NHRA National and Divisional events, big money bracket races in the southern states, and the Mopar Challenge Series events put on by the Mopar Muscle Club of New Mexico. It also holds the current Mopar challenge series championship. It is powdercoated with gold vein and was applied by my sponsors, Coats and Colors in Albuquerque, NM. I also get support from my mom and dad who own and manage Bosque Tire and Auto, in Bosque Farms, NM. My other sponsors include Mark Gill of Snap On Tools in Los Lunas and San Bar Construction who have recently moved from Bosque Farms to Albuquerque. And I can't forget my crew members (because they won't let me) Mom, Dad, Jenn, Deanna, Boom and Leila.