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Lisa Covell

2004 Rumble Bee

This is my 2004 Dodge Rumble Bee. It has the 5.7L Hemi engine (the biggest selling point for me). It is a 1/2 ton 4WD with the towing package. I purchased it in 2008 to pull my race car. When towing, it pulls so good I have to put it on cruise to prevent myself from going too fast... Technically, this is my first Dodge and I love my truck! During the winter storms in the east mountains the 4WD does a great job in getting me back and forth to work. I still hate driving in bad weather though and will take full advantage of my husband's driving skills if the opportunity arises.

I race my truck in the Mopar Club's Mopar Challenge Series at the Albuquerque Dragway track. It looks good going down the track and, the best part, my truck and I took 2 nd in the 2011 Mopar Challenge Series this last year!

I hope to one day take it to the Mopar at the Strip event in Vegas. I have showed it in the Mopar Fest for the past couple of years and have had many compliments.

The only downside I have on my truck is that it is too noticeable. There are not many of these out there. Especially in the East Mountains, I have to be careful when I am driving because most people who recognizes the truck knows who I am and that I work for STATE FARM. It would not do for me to be flipping off one of my customers! LOL



I love being a part of the NM Mopar Club. It is one of the best clubs out there and some of the nicest people I know. Anytime I meet someone new and they have a love for Mopars as we do, I make sure to let them know about the club.