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Paul Johnson
Jul 8, 2017

Help my Cuda




I need a slant six 225 engine. My engine is bad, I bought an engine I saw listed on craigslist, but it did not fit my transmission, so now I am out all that money, and I really miss driving that car. It has been at the mechanic shop sitting there over a year now. I cannot find one that I can afford.


Nov 2, 2018

Yale used that engine in some of their forklifts. Try the local Yale forklift dealer.

Dec 30, 2018

May try buying an adapter for the transmission so it will fit the engine.

Feb 17

Why didn't the motor you bought fit. What was the issue that kept it from fitting properly?

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    Jun 30

    I have a '70 Charger R/T in good condition. I would like to find an appraiser who could determine the value of the vehicle. I would appreciate any recommendations.